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Ruby Revell Shines Bright at the ICU World Championships

karen and ruby

Year 10 superstar, Ruby Revell, has achieved a momentous feat by securing the top spot at the ICU World Cheerleading Championships. Her remarkable accomplishment is a testament to her outstanding talent and unwavering dedication. We couldn't be prouder of Ruby and her teammates for earning the gold medal, positioning them at the pinnacle of their division worldwide.

Competing in the Junior Coed (JUCO) category, Ruby and her teamates made history as the first junior team to represent the Australian Cheer Union at this prestigious event. Their triumph in winning the gold medal, coupled with the milestone of being Australia's first junior team entry, is truly extraordinary.

Gaining a spot on the national team was no easy task, involving a rigorous three-stage selection process. Out of hundreds of applicants across Australia, only fifty were selected for in-person auditions, leading to a final team of 26 members. Team placements were announced in December 2023. Despite the tight timeline, they diligently followed weekly virtual training and conditioning regimens, with in-person training sessions held only three times in Melbourne and Sydney.

The competition, held at the ESPN Wide World of Sports in Florida and broadcasted globally, is likened to the Olympics of cheerleading. Ruby's team faced opponents from Colombia, Canada, Mongolia, Chile and Thailand. Ruby and her teammates can bask in the glow of their well-deserved success, knowing they have not only made their mark in the world of cheerleading but have also brought immense pride to their country.

Ruby's cheerleading journey, spanning eight years, has culminated in her dream of representing her country on the world stage. Her remarkable achievement underscores her unwavering commitment and ability to push herself in pursuit of her goals and dreams. Her unwavering commitment and extraordinary talent serve as an inspiration, proving that with passion and determination, dreams can indeed become reality.