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BYOD - Bring Your Own Device

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy allows schools to bring technology into the classroom, allowing students to use their own devices. This encourages a student-centered approach to learning.

Digital devices and online services are an important part of everyday life, shaping the way children and young people learn, communicate, work and play. BYOD is not compulsory at either of our campuses and a variety of devices are available for student use at school including laptops, iPads and desktops. Students may choose to have their own device, for use at school and at home.

BYOD is subject to our mobile phone policy.

Buying devices for BYOD

The Department of Education does not make any recommendations nor endorse any suppliers. Parents and carers are asked to do their own research.

Families can buy devices directly which will give a 5% discount.

There are some available options for parents and carers:

There are also retail outlets in Port Macquarie that sell laptop computers, including JB-HiFi, Officeworks, Harvey Norman, Good Guys and Bing Lee. 


  • Recommended screen size: 11" to 13.3". Larger screen sizes will consume more power, and shorten the battery life. A 14" or 15" laptop is quite large and can be heavy and not likely to have enough battery life to last through a school day.
  • Storage recommendation: 128Gb (or larger) Solid State Drive (SSD). These are fast drives, have no moving parts, generate no heat and are less prone to failure.
  • RAM (memory): minimum 4Gb, 8Gb is highly recomended.
  • WiFi: must support 5Ghz wireless N


  • Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative Cloud are available for download via links in the Student Portal.
  • All other software is the responsibility of the student.

 Operating System Choice

  • Windows 10 (considered mainstream)
  • Apple OS (may be advantageous to students with a Creative Arts focus)
  • Chromebook (traditionally a cheaper alternative, low maintenance but also less flexibility)

Accidental loss and breakage insurance is recommended

A member of the school staff, the Technical Support Officer (TSO), is available to answer questions and to give assistance. However, the campuses do not manage nor supply support for accidental protection. This would be a additional option you would be required to discuss with your BYOD solution supplier.

Please note the NSW Education policy - Student use of digital devices and online services.