Hastings Secondary College

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Student Code of Conduct

Promoting the learning, wellbeing and safety of all students in NSW public schools is a high priority for the Department of Education.

We implement teaching and learning approaches to support the development of skills needed by students to meet our high standards for respectful, safe and engaged behaviour. 

See our Behaviour Code for Students (PDF 82.54 KB)

Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL)

Positive Behaviour for Learning is a way of thinking, behaving and interacting. Clear expectations, explicit teaching, and learning of whole school values provides students with the understanding of the behaviours required for a safe, positive and productive educational environment.

Positive Behaviour for Learning is embedded in every aspect of campus life. 

Positive Behaviour for Learning enables teachers and students have more time to focus on relationships and classroom instruction. Students and staff benefit from:

  • increased time focused on teaching and learning
  • improved social-emotional wellbeing
  • positive and respectful relationships among students and staff
  • support for teachers to teach, model and respond effectively to student need
  • a learning environment where staff and students know what is expected

Positive Behaviour for Learning reflects the quality of relationships developed between students and staff and student to students.