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Mobile device use at school

The use of mobile phones on campus is restricted: Students’ Use of Mobile Phones in Schools policy (PDF 286 KB).

Mobile phones and digital accessories are not to be used during school hours. Their use in schools impacts student learning and wellbeing. 

Restricting mobile phone use aims to:

  • increase focus in classrooms by removing distractions
  • promote positive social interaction
  • reduce the potential for online bullying. 

We aim to foster confident, successful learners, creative individuals, and active, informed citizens. This is achieved through sustained, continuous improvement and development of leadership potential while embedding our core expectations of Safe, Respectful and Personal Best.

If parents and carers need to contact their child, they can call the school office on 02 6583 1844 (Port Macquarie Campus) or 02 65836400 (Westport Campus). Students can also contact parents or carers through the school office.

How we restrict device use

We use Yondr Pouches which students must place their mobile devices and digital accessories in. At the beginning of the school year, every student is assigned a personal Yondr Pouch. Students must bring their pouch to school every day.

  • Students must use the unlocking stations located at the campus entrance to unlock their pouch, turn their mobile device off and place it inside the pouch.
  • At the end of the day, students use the unlocking stations at the campus exits to unlock their pouches.

No unlocked device is permitted on campus grounds during school hours unless part of a learning experience at the direction of teaching staff. If a student is caught using their phone or device without authorisation, it will be confiscated by staff.

The Yondr Pouch is a property of the College. The pouch must be returned when a student signs out or transfers to another school.

Late arrivals or leaving early

Late students will use the unlocking station at the front office before signing in at the attendance window. Students leaving early will also use the unlocking device at the front office.

Excursions or camps. 

The use of digital devices while on excursion or camp will be at the direction of the organising teacher of the camp. This decision will be dependent on time, venue, number and age of the students and will be clearly communicated to students and parents or carers.

Academic Senior Centre (ASC).

No unlocked device is permitted in the ASC unless part of a specific learning experience at the direction of teaching staff. Online lessons may viewed or listened to through the use of corded earphones.

Inspections, damaged or lost pouches

During the year, all students’ Yondr Pouches will be inspected to ensure they are still fully functional. 

If a pouch is lost or damaged, students have to pay a fee of $10 for a replacement.

Students who lose or damage their pouch cannot bring their mobile device to the campus until they have organised a replacement pouch.

Students who need their mobile device before or after school but have damaged or lost their pouch must hand the mobile digital device to the Deputy Principal each morning. It will be kept in a secure location.

Breach of policy and confiscation

Executive staff will confiscate the phone and pouch if the student:

  • damages the pouch while attempting to circumvent its intended purpose. (eg: bent pin or stripped lock inside the pouch)
  • forgets or loses the pouch
  • uses their phone, digital device or earphones during school hours.

After confiscation

  1. The teacher will send the student with their mobile device to the Deputy Principal to have it placed in a Yondr Pouch. The teacher will then generate a phone incident in Sentral.
  2. The student will be handed a receipt from the Deputy Principal to say their mobile device has been handed in.
  3. The Deputy Principal will review the Phone Incident in Sentral.
  4. The phone and pouch will be confiscated and parent or guardian will be notified immediately.
  5. The student’s parent or guardian will be invited to the school to pick up their child’s phone and a ‘Caution to suspend’ notice will be issued.

If damaged, a replacement pouch may be assigned. The student will only be allowed to bring a phone back to school if they or their parent or guardian pay a $10 fee to replace the damaged school property.

If the student refuses to cooperate, teachers will send another student to a Head Teacher, Deputy Principal and finally Principal for assistance as needed. At the discretion of the Principal, this action will result in suspension for continued disobedience.


Students needing exemptions will meet with the Principal and Head Teacher Wellbeing to discuss their needs.

Students with current Support Plans can apply to the Head Teacher Wellbeing and Learning Support Team at any time for access to laptops and corded headphones.

All requests are considered on a case-by-case basis. They will be reviewed each semester, in consultation with students and their parents/carers.