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Future proof your business with School Based Apprentices and Trainees (SBATs)

Unlock potential for both employers and students with the School-Based Apprenticeships and Traineeships (SBAT) program.

Benefits of employing an SBAT

When you hire an SBAT, you have the opportunity to shape your workforce's future while actively contributing to it. Students gain hands-on experience, industry-recognised qualifications, and can receive credits towards their HSC, while your business benefits from their fresh perspectives and eager contributions.

SBATs aren't just filling part-time roles; they represent the young talent supported to become skilled workers, driving your industry and business towards excellence. Partnering with our SBAT program grants you access to a pool of motivated learners ready to make a difference in your organisation.

Here's what partnering with the SBAT program offers:

  • Direct access to motivated students.
  • Promotion of SBAT vacancies directly to students who fit your business needs.
  • Ongoing support from dedicated SBAT Engagement Officers.
  • A commitment to ensuring your involvement's success.

Interested in employing an SBAT?

If you are interested to know more, or ready to take the next steps, complete our EOI form, and our dedicated team will reach out to discuss how SBATs can support you and your business. To access the EOI form, simply scan the QR code or follow this link: SBAT Employer EOI Form  

Want to know more?

Learn more about the Enhancing SBAT Engagement initiative, part of the Educational Pathways Program, and how it can support you.

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