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Attendance Matters

Attendance matters at Hastings Secondary College

If your child is absent from school, it is very important to provide the college with an explanation as soon as possible.

Parents and carers can report their child's absence through:

Sentral Parent Portal

Within 14 days of an absence, you can notify the school of your child's explained absence via the Parent Portal.

SMS reply

Simply reply to the SMS message you have received.


Send an email to the school to notify your child is absent. 

Westport Campus email address - hsc-westport-school@det.nsw.edu.au

Port Macquarie Campus email address - hsc-portmac-school@det.nsw.edu.au

Handwritten note

Write a note for your child to submit to the administration office on your child's return to school.


  • Port Macquarie campus on (02) 6583 1844
  • Westport campus on (02) 6583 6400

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