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Sentral Parent Portal

The Sentral Parent Portal offers parents and carers a convenient way to access their child's educational information.

Through the portal you can:

  • check your child's timetable
  • view newsletters
  • send absence notifications
  • monitor attendance data
  • access online school reports
  • stay updated with the latest announcements.

Access the Sentral Parent Portal

Login to:

Registration and help

Contact your campus administration office to register for the Sentral Parent Portal or for assistance with registration or login issues. Register via phone, email, or in person. You'll receive login details and activation instructions via email.

See our How to use the Sentral Parent Portal  guide.

Download the app

Download the Sentral Parent Portal to your tablet or mobile. See our How to download and use the Sentral Parent Portal App guide.

Connect to the app

Once you have downloaded the app, you will need to connect it to your Parent Portal account. See our How to connect your Parent Portal Account to the Sentral Parent Portal App guide.

Add other children

Do want to access information for more than one child? See our How to add another child to Sentral Parent Portal guide.

Report absences

To report your child's absence from school, see our How to use the Sentral Parent Portal to report absences guide.