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The College code of conduct, endorsed by the P&C Association, requires all students to wear the campus uniform. It is a requirement of the Department of Education that all government school students wear a uniform.

Uniform items and prices

These prices are current as of January 1 2024.

If you are experiencing financial hardship, please contact us for help with uniforms.





Royal blue with College logo. Unisex with cotton back fabric.


Sport short

Ink navy with College embroidery. Unisex, stretch polyester basketball mesh.


Girls navy short

Ink navy with College embroidery. Stretch microfibre with zip pocket.


Boys navy short

Ink navy with College embroidery. Stretch microfibre with zip pocket.



For junior and senior students. Ink navy skirt with College embroidery. Two mini pleats, built in bike pants and zip pocket.  $40.00
Senior girls blouse White button up blouse with College logo. Female style with navy piping on sleeve. $35.00
Senior boys shirt White button up shirt with College logo. Male style with navy inner neck lining. $35.00
Fleece V- neck jumper Ink navy with College logo. V-neck cotton blend fleecy jumper.
Microfibre spray jacket Ink navy with College logo. Lightweight microfibre withcotton lining. $38.00
Soft shell jacket Ink navy with College logo. Polar fleece lining. $48.00
Tracksuit pant Ink navy with College embroidery. Male and female options available. $40.00
Hat Ink navy with College embroidery. Peak cap style. $12.00

Uniform shop trading hours during school term

The uniform shop and supplies are at the Administration Office on both Westport and Port Macquarie Campus. 

Uniform items are available for sale and fittings through the main office from 7.45am - 2.45pm Monday to Friday during the school term, excluding staff development days (pupil free days).

Online Uniform Shop

You can order online using Flexi-Schools. 

  1. Go to the Flexi-Schools ​website.
  2. Click 'register now' to create an account.
  3. Top up your balance. Visa and Mastercard are accepted.
  4. Start ordering immediately. There is a 0.29 cent processing fee for ordering via Flexi-Schools.

For any enquiries please call Flexi-Schools on 1300 361 769. 

About our uniform

The wearing of the College uniform at Hastings Secondary College is compulsory. All students must follow our uniform policy.

This helps with:

  • ready identification of students and non-students at school
  • giving students a sense of personal pride in their own appearance. 

We urge all parents to encourage their children to be a responsible member of our community by supporting the accepted standard of dress at Hastings Secondary College.

A single uniform has been introduced from 2023. Items can be worn on all school term days. Year 7 students are encouraged to buy the uniform and older students only when replacements are required. 

Students can continue wearing the current campus uniforms for 3 years.

Uniform policy

All uniform items must have the College and campus logo or college 'H-birds' embroidered on them.

Items without this are NOT part of the school uniform. If a student is out of uniform, a short note should be provided stating the reason.

  • Leggings, hoodies, tights, jeans and brief shorts are NOT part of the school uniform.
  • Jewellery or make-up should NOT be worn to school.
  • Enclosed, solid plain black leather lace-up shoes must be worn at all times while at school, except on sports days and PE practical lessons when students must wear sport joggers.
  • Students are encouraged to wear college navy peaked cap with 'H' embroidered logo while outdoors but they must be removed when entering classrooms.
  • All items, except socks, must have the Westport campus logo. Items purchased from other suppliers without the logo are NOT part of the school uniform.