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Graphics Technology

Graphics Technology is important to all students especially in today’s technological reliant society.

2D and 3D graphics and digital design are used for printed media, web and communication applications as well as by television broadcasters for live graphics e.g. in news and sports shows.

Our College has the facilities to provide students the opportunity to experience Computer Graphic prototyping and modelling techniques in creating and producing projects in 3D-printing, Laser cutting and Computer Numerically Controlled Machining (CNC).

Students intending to study Industrial Technology, Engineering Studies or Design and Technology in Years 11 and 12 should consider this subject, as it provides a component developed in these courses.

Graphics Technology develops skills in all methods of pictorial or three-dimensional drawing, two-dimensional drawing, sketching, uses of light and shadow, sketching and using colour. All students will gain competencies in the use of Computer Aided Drawing (C.A.D.) by use of computer programs.

Students will also undertake product drawing projects where they will research, design and produce marketing briefs for everyday products. In this way the graphic techniques used in advertising and product promotion are developed.

The NESA graphics technology page contains the syllabus and support documentation.